• 2009

    MAXCLAW Conducted flow production management

  • 2008

    MAXCLAW focus on middle-level manager education training

  • 2007

    MAXCLAW conducted Key Performance Indictor (KPI) management system to strengthen our daily management for every department.

  • 2005

    MAXCLAW moved from Taiping City to Wurih Township.

  • 2001

    MAXCLAW passed ISO9001:2000 certification

  • 1996

    Participate in international hand tool shows with our own brand “MAXCLAW” in 1996, supplies various tools, OEM and ODM to meet customer needs having excellent public praise of honor & services

  • 1985

    Changed company name to Yung Chi Industry CO., Ltd. and added tube tool into production line such as tube cutter, flaring tool and related products

  • 1978

    Yung Chi Industry Ltd. was established.

  • 1969

    We are an iron factory in earlier era and focused on Lathe machines, pressing machines, parts process for customers. We continuously developed more industrial tools such as manual sealers, pullers and c-clamps.